FASSET And TVETCGC Collaborate To Establish Cutting-Edge ICT Hub At False Bay TVET College

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False Bay TVET College is proud to announce a transformative collaboration between FASSET (Finance and Accounting Services Sector Education and Training Authority) and TVETCGC (TVET College Governing Council), resulting in the establishment of a state-of-the-art ICT Hub at its Fish Hoek Campus.

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This initiative exemplifies the value of investing in the TVET sector and highlights the importance of studying at a TVET College.

As part of the TVETCGC project aimed at establishing cutting-edge ICT hubs across all TVET Colleges in South Africa, the Fish Hoek Campus "clubhouse" has been revamped into an innovative ICT Hub. The newly equipped facility features 30 Laptops, a Smart Board, a 65-inch Smart TV, a 4K Camera, 2 Air-conditioning units, and a Laptop Charging Unit.

This collaboration underscores FASSET and TVETCGC's commitment to enhancing access to modern technology and promoting digital literacy among TVET College students. The ICT Hub will serve as a dynamic learning environment where students can engage with technology, develop essential digital skills, and access resources to support their academic and professional growth.

"We are thrilled to witness the transformation of the Fish Hoek Campus into a cutting-edge ICT Hub, thanks to the generous support of FASSET and TVETCGC," says Ms Susan Mhakure, Campus Manager of False Bay TVET College.

This initiative not only demonstrates the importance of collaboration within the TVET sector but also reaffirms the value of studying at a TVET College."

The college looks forward to leveraging this facility to empower students and contribute to their success in an increasingly digital world.

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