False Bay TVET College Champions Continuous Learning in Hospitality and Tourism Sectors

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False Bay TVET College proudly announces the graduation of its Hospitality Lecturers and Catering Support Staff as Artisan Chefs, marking a pivotal moment in their professional journey and highlighting the college's commitment to staying current in higher education and meeting the demands of the hospitality and tourism sectors.

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The intensive 90-day ARPL Occupational Certificate Chef training program (usually a 3 year qualification), generously funded by the Department of Tourism, serves as a testament to False Bay TVET College's dedication to skill development within the tourism sector.

By investing in the continuous learning and upskilling of its staff, the college ensures that its graduates are equipped with the latest knowledge and expertise to thrive in a rapidly evolving industry.

Ms. Herne, Campus Manager of False Bay TVET College, commends the graduates for their unwavering dedication and exceptional performance throughout the training program. She states, "These graduates have demonstrated their readiness to excel in their roles, and they should be immensely proud of their accomplishments."

Congratulations to them on this significant achievement.

The successful completion of the training program not only empowers the graduates to advance their careers but also reinforces False Bay TVET College's role as a leader in providing relevant and high-quality education in the hospitality and tourism sectors.

By adapting to industry trends and embracing lifelong learning, the college ensures that its graduates remain competitive and well-prepared to meet the evolving needs of the global market.

Heartfelt congratulations are extended to the following graduates for their dedication and achievement:

  • Chef Donovan Dalais
  • Chef Nadia Kannemeyer
  • Chef Charles Barnard
  • Chef Nadine Daniels
  • Chef Olivia Van Stavel
  • Chef Annadia Van der Merwe
  • Chef Tiffany Adonis
  • Chef Governor Siyengu

Their success exemplifies the spirit of excellence and innovation that False Bay TVET College strives to instill in its students and staff.

What is the Occupational Certificate: Chef

This qualification has been developed for professionals in the Hospitality and catering industry. It brings together theoretical, practical and workplace elements of food preparation and service. This qualification also provides for a direct pathway from entry as a Kitchen hand to qualifying as a Chef.

The South African Chefs Association (SACA), the recognised professional body, felt that due to an increase in demand for chefs in the industry and an increase of uptake by learners it would be the most appropriate starting point to develop the Chef qualification. The Professional Body felt that no matter where a Chef worked, they should be able to do the specific skills that the employer requires.

The supervisory and financial aspects have been included in this qualification, although not currently part of the responsibilities of the Chef. A learning pathway is embedded within the qualification which will allow for a learner to work as a Kitchenhand/Commis during their first and second year, Commis/Demi during their second and third year to qualify as a Chef.

Once qualified as a Chef, and gaining sufficient working experience it may lead to promotion and further career advancement as a Sous Chef and/or Executive chef. These occupations are registered designations with the Professional Body. This qualification will professionalise the industry and is applicable to all sectors of Professional Cookery.

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