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Why use a cloth face mask?

When and how to use masks.


Cloth face-masks need to be worn and cleaned properly

  • The face-mask must cover the nose and mouth completely.
  • Face-masks should not be lowered when speaking, coughing or sneezing.

How to properly use a cloth mask

  • It is very important that cloth masks are used correctly.
  • Incorrect use might result in users putting themselves at risk of spreading Covid-19

Guidelines for use are as follows:

  1. Only use a mask that has been washed and ironed.
  2. Wash your hands before putting the mask on.
  3. Place the mask with the correct side facing your face, and ensure that it covers both your nose and mouth properly.
  4. Tie the strings behind your head, or if you are using elastic bands, make sure these are tight.
  5. Make sure it fits well. Move it around to get the best fit. Never touch the cloth part.
  6. Once you have put on the mask, DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE again until you take it of.
  7. When you take it off, undo the ties, and carefully fold the mask inside out, hold it by the strings/elastic and place the mask in a container reserved for washing the cloth mask.
  8. Wash your hands thoroughly and dry before doing anything else.
  9. Wash cloth masks with warm soapy water and iron when dry.
  10. You must have at least two cloth masks per person so you will be able to wash one and have a clean one ready for use.
  11. Masks should be washed with soap and hot water, rinsed thoroughly and ironed.

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