EMENDY Multimedia Institute

If you have a passion and talent for music and want to pursue a career in music as a Sound Engineer, Music Producer or professional in the Music Industry, then this your future career - providing you with endless possibilities and opportunities in the Multimedia, Entertainment and Corporate Industry.

We incorporate a "Fresh Approach" in our teaching methodology which is engaging, enjoyable and aligned with the current industry trends and technologies.

We understand that art and music are creative fields of study, therefore students need to engage practically with these subjects. We follow a hands-on approach in our lectures, and provide students with as much practical experience as possible.

EMENDY's operational approach is to focus on the end-goal of employment. This goal is evident in our contemporary facilities, the quality of our course material, our expert facilitators and music industry relationships.

Our course and subject content is carefully and systematically reviewed with this main objective in mind.

  • Higher Certificate in Creative Music Technology
  • Diploma in Music Technology
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Private Higher Education Institution
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Higher Certificate
National Diploma
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