Holiday Work with UCT School of Economics

The Economics of Tobacco Control Project is currently looking for UCT students from African countries (non-South African), as well as students from South African townships and informal areas, to collect cigarette prices in their home cities/towns/villages during the December 2017 vacation.

Holiday Work with UCT School of Economics

This data will enable us to make estimations such as the differences in prices between various brands, urban/rural divides, and type of packaging, as well as analyse price trends over time, among other things.


  • Visit retail outlets and street vendors where cigarettes are sold, where they must ask permission from shopkeepers to take photographs of prices (a letter explaining the project will be provided to assist with this).
  • Record the prices of as many cigarettes as possible, as well as taking photographs of all recorded prices.
  • Capture this information in an Excel spreadsheet which will be provided.
  • Submit the data and photographs via Dropbox.


  • Complete a data collection (Excel) and Dropbox proficiency test.
  • Be a registered UCT student.
  • Have a South African bank account.
  • Be in an African country or a selected South African township/rural area during the holidays (we do not require fieldworkers in urban South Africa).
  • Have access to a smartphone with camera functionality.
  • Have internet access, specifically for the use of Dropbox.

Fieldworkers will be paid as follows:

  • R5.00 per price collected from retail outlets,
  • R7.50 per price collected from spaza shops,
  • R10.00 per price collected from street vendors.
  • A R300 bonus will be paid to each fieldworker who collects 500 prices.
  • The number of prices collected is limited to 1500 per fieldworker.

Should any fraud be discovered (i.e. prices being made up or prices being duplicated), the fieldworker forfeits any payment. If fraud is suspected, the fieldworker will be called in to explain him/herself. Photos of cigarette prices will be used to detect such fraud.

How to Apply

An information session will take place on Friday the 10th of November. If you are interested in applying to be a fieldworker and would like to attend please contact Kirsten, the fieldworker coordinator, at

A repeat workshop will be hosted if there is sufficient demand. In your email, please note the area you will be in during the vacation. Please note, displaying interest will not guarantee a position as a fieldworker, a selection process will be followed.

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