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Unisa Staff Member Makes Song From House Items

unisa music

Staff members from Unisa have been creative as a staff member has made an entire song from everyday household items. The song is titled, 'Lays of Lockdown' by Dr Christopher Jeffery from the Department of Art and Music.

Staff from Unisa's College of Human Sciences have not been twiddling their thumbs during lockdown. A staff member from the Department of Art and Music, Dr Christopher Jeffrey has created a song made completely from everyday household items. The song is titled 'Lays of Lockdown'. 

Unisa has said, "He recorded the song with a cellphone in a makeshift sound booth of couch cushions." as Dr Christopher speaks on his method, "I used no conventional instruments at all, and all the software utilised is downloadable for free."

If you want to listen to the song, you can by clicking here

He also recorded a video to  show his process of making the song:


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