Plett Rage Announces New Date: The Party Goes On

It seems not even Corona can stop a good party. The matric class of 2020 has a tough exam season ahead of them and the Plett Rage team is hoping to come to the rescue by offering "the best celebration possible".

It seems nothing can stop Plett Rage, as the organisers recently posted that they would continue to plan the 2020 Plett Rage. The new date is set for Friday 29 January 2021 - Saturday 6 February 2021.

The original date for Plett Rage was set for 27 November until 3 December, but the recent release of the matric exam timetable and the decline in covid-19 cases made organisers rethink this. 

In July, a survey was sent out, asking Plett Ragers to choose a month for the for the party happen. More than 81% chose January as the month they preferred for the festival to take place. 

The new date also considers the Plettenberg Bay peak holiday season, which begins around the 15th of December. Not pushing the festival to next year would've made it difficult for Plett Ragers to find accommodation during the holiday peak season.

Preparations for the unlimate party are already underway and organisers say they will be following the guidelines and safety precautions set by the government. 

If you had already bought your ticket before the date change, you have the option of asking for a refund or to keeping your ticket for the 2021 Plett Rage.

"The Plett Rage team promises you the best celebration possible within the parameters of the 'new normal'. Plett Rage is far more than just an event – it is an experience – a rite of passage."


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