Where To Study Graphic Design In South Africa

Where To Study Graphic Design In South Africa

In an era where technology is prevalent in the everyday lives of civilians, jobs in the field of technology have developed to keep up with this technological market. A career in Graphic Design is one of many occupations that have come to be as a result of technology, and with it, comes many institutions that offer courses that can help students in their pursuit of a career in the field of Graphic Design.


Going into the field of Graphic Design does not necessarily require a degree. Many times no formal training at all is required to lead a fruitful career in the world of Graphic Design. It is quite possible to be able to excel in this field with just talent, ideas, and a strong enough portfolio. 

According to the Post Matric website, “practical experience with graphics and familiarity with design software, as well as an ability to work and produce visual ideas away from the computer” is enough to impress a potential employer.

To attain, or further develop these sets of skills, there are a list of subjects that can prove useful. These include Visual Arts, Computer Applications Technology (CAT), Information Technology (IT) and, of course, Graphic Design.

There are a number of degrees offered at public institutions in South Africa that one can pursue in order to specialise in Graphic Design. Most prominently, these include: a BA in Fine Arts at Wits University, the University of Johannesburg and the University of Pretoria

Furthermore, one can also pursue a Diploma in Graphic Design from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology or a Diploma in Fine Arts from the Tshwane University of Technology or the Nelson Mandela University.

The Greenside Design Center College of Design in Randburg also offers courses that allow for students to specialise in Graphic Design, offering programmes for a Higher Certificate in Design Thinking, a BA in Graphic Design and a BA Honours Degree in Visual Communication (Graphic Design).

Online learning courses are also made available, with the Red and Yellow Creative School of Business in Cape Town offering an online graphic design course which runs for 14 weeks, and UCT offering an online short course in Graphic Design which runs for roughly 10 weeks.

Finally, the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography also offers various courses that can aid future Graphic Designers in developing their skill before entering the job market.

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