Your Guide to Submitting Unisa Assignments

The academic year has begun so assignments deadlines are approaching. If you need guidance on how to submit your assignments as a Unisa student, we can assist you. 

Submitting multiple-choice assignments via myUnisa

  1. Log on to your myUnisa account
  2. Go to 'More Sites'
  3. Select the module's site
  4. Click on 'Assignments' 
  5. Find the assignment you'll be submitting
  6. Click on 'Submit'
  7. Enter the total number of questions for your assignment in the Number of Questions field.
  8. Click on the radio button [the small circle] that corresponds to your answer for that question.
  9. Click on the Continue button to submit your assignment.

Submitting written (text) assignments online

  1. Log on to your myUnisa account
  2. Go to 'myAdmin'
  3. Click on 'Assignment Submission'
  4. Select the file to be submitted
  5. Submit assignment

Or you can:

  1. Log on to your myUnisa account
  2. Go to 'More Sites' 
  3. Select the module's site
  4. Click on 'Assignments' 
  5. Find the assignment you'll be submitting
  6. Click on 'Submit'
  7. Select the file to be submitted
  8. Submit assignment

Submitting written (text) assignments via Post

  1. Complete assignment
  2. Print out assignment
  3. Make sure all your details are on the cover sheet
  4. Compile and place in a Unisa envelope provided

Students will then have to make use of either a courier or submit their assignment at a regional office of Unisa. For more information pertaining to offices and postal procedures, click here


Things to remember when submitting

  • It is important to complete cover sheets correctly. They should have the following completed: your student number, the course code, the assignment number, student's intials and surname, student's address, unique number, cell phone number.
  • Check for any mistakes before submitting as no requests to cancel assignments submitted via myUnisa will be accepted.
  • Make sure your student number appears on the assignment.
  • With MCQs, you can click on Clear Form to remove all your selections and start from new if you want to restart the assignment.

You will only be allowed to resubmit your assignment under the following conditions:

  • The resubmit button is available
  • The assignment has not been mark
  • The due date has passed
  • Make sure that your student number appears in your assignment text. For word processor files, it is a good idea to have a header on each page with your student number, course code, assignment number, etc.

There are three ways to check that your assignments have been successfully submitted:

  • When you submit an assignment, you will receive a clear status message. If the message reads "Assignment received in good order", your assignment has been successfully received by Unisa.
  • You will receive a receipt with a unique track and trace number on submission.
  • Your list of assignments for each module on myUnisa will be updated immediately after the successful submission of an assignment.

Good luck with those assignments and don't procrastinate them either!

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