What To Do When You Take Your Unisa Exam?


Are you preparing to write your final exams at Unisa? Below you will find some ideas for exam “dos and don’ts” and actions you can take if anything goes wrong during the exam.


When writing online exams, do the following:

Before the exam ensure that your myExams password works. The myExams password is the same as your myUnisa password. Be sure to test and save your password. If you have forgotten your password, you may reset it on the website.

Store the myExams site as your favourite in your browser on your laptop or cellphone.

During the exam, make sure that your device is fully charged and to be on the safe side, try to keep it in the charger.

The exams will require a good internet connection and sufficient data, so ensure that you have enough data or a stable Wi-Fi connection.

Multiple-choice exams will be randomized, so what your peer gets in their exam may not be the same as yours. When writing MCQ exams, answer everything you know and if the test allows it go back and answer any questions that you did not know.

Opening multiple windows during your exam, may cause you to lose your exam, so be sure to only have the exam tab open. If you get kicked out of the exam or your page freezes, stay calm and log out. Then log back in and continue with your exam. Remember that the time will keep ticking while you are not on the exam page, so be sure to log back in quickly.

The tests have a time limit, so keep an eye on the time, because once the time runs out your exam will submit automatically.

When writing take-home exams, do the following:

Before your exam, prepare by writing your module code, student number and page number on all the pages. Practice using your scanning app so that you do not have problems with the app on the day of the exam. Check how much time it will take to scan and collate your exam. 

If you are using your computer or laptop, create a folder for every module so that you can keep track of your exam scripts. 

During the exam, download and save the exam onto your device. Keep an eye on the time and stop writing before the time runs out. Then scan and upload your exam.

If you can not find your module on the myExams page, you may check the ribbon, click on the sites, or go to filter sites and type in your module code.

If you have trouble with your device or have loadshedding, you may apply for a second opportunity to write your exam, but note that you will not be able to write a supplementary exam. However, please keep track of problems you have encountered.

All files need to be 20MB or smaller, but if the file is too large to upload, you may compress it before uploading.

Good luck to all the students writing their final exams.




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