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UWC Addresses Residence Evacuation Issues


Due to Covid-19 and the coming lockdown, students have been urged to vacate their residences. However, this comes as an issue for some students. UWC addresses this. 

The President announced on 23 March that South Africa is to participate in a lockdown in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The whole of the University of the Western Cape will be closed during the shut from Friday morning. This means that staff and service providers will be unable to provide any service to the University and students won't be able to be cared for. 

The University has therefore agreed to financially assist students who seek transport to go home. This transport will allow residence students to return to their homes. 

The University has requested that the transport company being used should provide their drivers and students with masks and sanitisers for the trip. They will only have a maximum of 45 students on a 60-seater bus to ensure that social distancing can take place.

The University has stated, "Without any medical, residential services, CSSS and maintenance and services staff being available to assist students, this risk increases exponentially. We have a duty of care for the life and health of our students, and with all staff compelled to remain in their homes, we cannot provide this care properly."

The University has arranged for buses to take students to their homes and will provide further assistance to those individuals who need it. 


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