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Unizulu Responds To International Students Arrests


Following the release of footage of University of Zululand international students being imprisoned, students have been questioning the University. The University has since responded and aims to set records straight. 

A video and pictures of multiple international students that attend Unizulu has been released. This comes after the University evacuated their residences as a precautionary measure for Covid-19. Students have seen questioning the University and expressing anger towards the instituition. 

The University released a statement and starts by saying, "The impression that this posting ultimately seeks to create, in the absence of all the facts and context, is that the University Management is callous and heartless. Nothing could be farther from the truth."

In setting the record straight, the University has stated the following:

The University closed its KwaDlangezwa Campus and students were instructed to vacate residences on the 2nd of March 2020 due to student protests and the risk it presented to staff, students and property. Students who remained on campus were in violation of the University's instruction.

The University has closed it's residences due to the President's announcement of a lockdown. 

Management had to give effect to the proclamation by ensuring that no one except those duly exempted by the proclamation should be on its premises. No health, food or social services will be available to any student who wishes to stay. This is illegal occupation and is placing them at a higher risk. 

North Gauteng High Court has confirmed the University's instruction that students are to vacate residences. However, it was found that several foreign students had refused to comply with this lawful directive.

The University then states that, "these students had forcefully occupied locked residences with a nonchalant and flippant attitude. A case of trespassing and damage to property was opened with the South African Police Service."

The Dean of Students had arranged for off campus accommodation for foreign students who could not go back to their home countries. However, some students still decided to move into residences which lead to arrests as they were in direct violation of the law.

It was found that the residence was used for the accommodation of couples as well as a pregnant woman who was not a student. 

The University then went further in assisting international students and contacted embassies. Students who were being assisted did not use the transport services the institution was offering. 

The University has said, "The Dean of Students had to endure acts of intimidation and harassment from the said students."

The University now sees itself as being placed in an impossible situation as they cannot allow themselves as an institution to tolerate a willful disregard of lawful directives including court interdicts.


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