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UKZN Students Are Getting Free Data And Laptops


University of Kwazulu-Natal has arranged for their students to get free data and laptops so that online learning can be more accessible to students and the academic programme can then continue with less difficulty. 


Students at the University of Kwazulu-Natal (UKZN) are getting free data and laptops so that they can continue with online learning. 

Covid-19 has had institutions have to use online learning to continue their academic programmes. However, it was found that not all students have access to devices and data to access online learning. Institutions have therefore stepped in and are seen providing students with laptops and data should they need it. 

UKZN has also said that NSFAS students have started receiving laptops this week, as the Minister of Higher Education has confirmed that NSFAS beneficiaries will be receiving laptops. 

UKZN spokesperson, Normah Zondo said, "This is a fulfilment of our mandate to the transformation agenda by providing access to higher education. We are committed to ensuring that no student will be left behind in our effort to provide online learning".

Multiple sites hosted by UKZN have also been made zero-rated which means students will not need data to access them and will also include other online resources. 

Students will also receive flash drives with learning resources loaded on them and paper based interactive learning content.

Staff at the University have also participated in training to make sure they are able to engage in online teaching effectively. 

Zondo said, "On finalisation and completion of other logistical arrangements, the University will communicate a date for the official commencement of online teaching and learning for our students in the coming weeks."





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