UJ Students Will Get Free Data And Devices

University of Johannesburg students had #BoycottOnlineLearningUJ trending on social media this week as they expressed their grievances surrounding UJ’s decision to take learning online as from 20 April.

The University of Johannesburg has become aware of students calling for a suspension of the online learning programme, amongst other proposals. In acknowledging the struggles and inequalities in students’ situations and their levels of accessibility, UJ has stepped up and provided students with resources to make online learning more accessible.

In their official statement released, it was said, “We are aware of the challenges, the inequities of access as well as the anxiety and uncertainty caused by this mode of teaching and learning. As a University, we are committed to closing these gaps to the best of our abilities.”

UJ has stated that they will secure 30GB of data for every student per month and are looking into providing more data solutions to students. They have distributed 1750 laptops to qualifying first year NSFAS students, 21000 devices to qualifying students and will further be distributing 4000 laptops to those students who qualify for them based on a criteria.

They have also stated that there will be no formal assessments or assignments for students for the next two weeks.

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