No Exams For Unisa As They Switch To Alternative Assessments

Unisa has released a statement to clarify that the May/June 2020 examination period is to continue using alternative assessment formats. No venue-based examinations will be written during this time.

The lockdown as a result of the pandemic, has meant that Unisa has had to make some adjustments as exams are nearing. 

In order to solve this problem, Unisa has stated, "The May/June 2020 examination period will continue, but no venue-based examinations will be written during this time. The university will, instead, make use of alternative assessment formats for this examination period."

Lecturers will be communicating to students which type of examination you will write for each module through the use of myUnisa. Students should therefore be checking constantly. Students can expect this information on myUnisa by early May 2020. 

Even though these exams will be written in a different format, the institution would like to remind students that, "Unisa has a zero tolerance for any form of plagiarism or examination dishonesty."

Those students who are not able to complete this assessment will automatically be deferred to the October/November 2020 examination period without penalty or additional cost. 


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