Many Wits Students Want To De-Register

Covid-19 has forced Universities to use online learning to continue their academic programme. Now, many Wits students want to de-register as they can't cope with online learning and are having issues balancing the workload. 

Many Wits students are wanting to de-register because they are not coping with th workload that online learning has given them. Universities have had to use online learning to continue with academics as a way to finish the academic year and not have a massive delay.

These students have been lodging complaints and have expressed that they want to de-register to the University's Student Representative Council (SRC). The SRC has stated that about 15% of students at Wits do not have access to online learning which lead them to want to de-register. Some students are also not in a good environment for learning and studying to take place. 

Wits has provided students with laptops and data, issues such as connectivity still exists. Some also have socio-economic factors that comes in the way of their continued online learning. Due to being marginalised, these students are not able to keep up with the workload as they would want to.

Secretary General of the SRC at Wits, Katie Morgets, says, "even though the university has empowered students with data, there are some students who live in remote areas where there is inadequate access to proper network connection. thus they are not able to actively partake in the online sessions."

There are also complaints from students that the workload is too heavy considering that the way of teaching has changed immensely and this then becomes a further obstacle. 

All these issues and students not being able to cope with online learning also has an effect on students' mental health and creates anxiety amongst them. Margot says, "students feel that maybe the best option for them is to de-register from the institution and to try at a later stage".

Students are being encouraged by University executives to remain in the system and not de-register as they will have an opportunity to complete the academic year. 

CEO of Universities South Africa Ahmed Bawa says, "I certainly don’t think that students should de-register because even if students are having huge difficulties with online learning, the universities have all committed themselves to re-establishing the academic year, reconstituting the academic year and depending on what the President says in the next few days with regard to the lockdown and so on, it’s quite possible that the phased re-introduction of students onto our campuses will begin quite soon". 

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