How To Apply To UCT

Thursday, 18 November, 2021 - 15:59
Lerato Botha
UCT upper campus

The University of Cape Town (UCT) has remained a popular university in Africa, with thousands of students applying for entrance each year. To make your application process slightly easier, the following is a summary of the application process for UCT entrance.


Founded in 1829, the almost 200-year old university is still one of the most sought after universities in Africa. 

The university has summarised the undergradtuate application process on their official website, however, this will issue a step-by-step guide revealing what the applicant can expect during their application:

  • To start, the student should understand that they will be subject to an application fee.
  • Once you are aware of the costs that you may incur by submitting an application, the student can visit: to follow the process for submission.
  • During the application, the student will be expected to produce their grade 11 marks which will be verified by the university.
  • All necessary documents, including the applicant’s school transcripts are to be submitted as certified electronic copies to
  • The student will then also be required to complete National Benchmark Tests (NBT) that typically take place between June and October in the year during their matric year.
  • If the student would like to apply for NSFAS funding, this should be stipulated during their application and the applicant should simultaneously complete a NSFAS application as well.
  • Once all of the application details have been submitted, the university will send updates to the prospective student via email. The student can also track their application through the online portal using the login details that they will receive once they have submitted their application.
  • After the basic admission requirements have been met, including proof of grade 11 marks and NBT results, the university may issue the student with provisional acceptance, which will only be confirmed once the student’s final matric results have been released and made available to the institution.
  • Thereafter, the decision will be left up to the university.
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