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Interesting facts you did not know about CPUT

Were or are you thinking about studying at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)? Many top students from CPUT have attained high levels of success on their chosen career paths.

Firstly, CPUT is the largest university in the Western Cape province. CPUT has been ranked as one of the best universities of technology in South Africa, according to Wikipedia.

CPUT has five campuses that encompass:

  • The Cape Town campus
  • The Mowbray campus
  • The Granger Bay campus
  • The Bellville campus
  • The Wellington campus.

The Cape Town campus is actually built on a portion of land from the historical District Six. In 2010, CPUT was ranked the 12th best university in South Africa, according to Wikipedia.

CPUT has an excellent sports programme and is well known for encouraging its students to participate in various sports. One of the members of its renowned basketball team is Brendan Mettler who played in the starting line-up of the South African national basketball team at the 2011 African Basketball Championship in Madagascar.

Many different types of sports are on offer at CPUT. According to the CPUT website, the institution employs top coaches and has top notch facilities to ensure that its students gain as much as possible from their sporting experiences.

The first Vice Chancellor of CPUT that was appointed was Prof L Vuyisa Mazwi-Tanga in 2006. Dr Trevor Manual was chosen as the first Chancellor of CPUT in 2008.

One of the core values that CPUT prides itself on includes dealing with others in the spirit of Ubuntu: the southern African humanist philosophy meaning ‘I am what I am because of who we all are’.

Other core values include supporting the notion of equity as well as the promotion of innovation in every aspect of its endeavours. CPUT takes responsibility for its actions and prides itself on excellence, according to its website.

The CPUT official logo comprises of four different elements. The waves are symbolic for technology as well as the flow of information. It is also a reference to the location of CPUT, namely the maritime aspect of a peninsula.

The two sections on the half shield include the waves. This represents the foundation of integrity and excellence. It also represents and aims to support forward movement, change, innovation and moving towards "creating futures".

The shield shape has been created in order to evoke the outline of South Africa. The shape of the heart has been created in order to emphasise the vision of the heart of technology education, as well as innovation in and around Africa, according to the CPUT website.

By Lauren Gerber



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