Cape Peninsula University of Technology CPUT 2025 Applications Are Open

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Cape Peninsula University of Technology have opened their applications for the 2025 intake. CPUT aims to have an impact on the world of technology.

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You can now apply to study at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) in 2025. Cape Peninsula University of Technology offers a variety of courses including short courses. 

CPUT Application Closing Dates


  • Higher Certificate in Dental Assisting - 31 July
  • Higher Certificate in Emergency Medical Care - 31 July
  • All other Certificate & Higher Certificates - 30 September
  • Diploma in Emergency Medical Care - 31 July
  • Diploma in Somatology - 31 July
  • Diploma in Grade R - 31 July
  • All other Diploma & National Diplomas - 30 September
  • BEd Qualifications - 31 July
  • Bachelor of Emergency Medical Care - 31 July
  • Bachelor of Health Science in Opticianry - 31 July
  • Bachelor of Health Science in Medical Lab Science - 31 July
  • Bachelor of Health Science in Dental Technology - 31 July
  • Bachelor of Nursing - 31 July
  • BSC in Diagnostic Radiography - 31 July
  • BSC in Diagnostic Ultrasound - 31 July
  • BSC in Nuclear Medicine Technology - 31 July
  • BSC in Radiation Therapy - 31 July
  • All other Bachelor qualifications - 30 September

The admission requirements for Grade 12 learners will be based on their Final Grade 11 marks only, together with any additional programme specific requirements (where applicable). Final acceptance to the programme will still be based on the Final Grade 12 results. 

Students who applied with their Grade 11 marks must submit a certified copy of their final Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification marks at the beginning of the academic year. Students who do not submit their final marks will lose their provisional acceptance.

How To Apply

  1. Choose a qualification and special requirements
  2. Gather your documents or upload further/ outstanding documents
  3. Online application (should you not choose to apply manually)
  4. Get an application form (should you choose to apply manually 
  • Click here to download the application form
  • Forms can also be collected at the Registration and Applications Office on the various campuses.
  • No manual posted or over the counter applications will be accepted for normal RSA applicants. 
  • Pay the application fee (manual applications only)
  • Send in your form and documents (manual applications only)

Application Fee

Online applications are free of charge. However, an application fee of R100 needs to be paid if you applied manually.

You can pay using the following methods:

  • Cash payments, which can be made directly at the Cashiers' Office on your preferred campus.
  • You can make a bank deposit, using the bank details below:

  • A crossed postal order or crossed, bank guaranteed cheque made out to Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

Successful candidates will be notified by SMS of their acceptance to the institution. You will be informed of the registration dates and times as well as the commencement of class.

Mastering the technology required to send a satellite into space, saving lives with your specialised knowledge of emergency medical care or designing a fashion collection – Come create your future with CPUT!

More About CPUT Cape Peninsula University of Technology


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