How To Track Unisa Registration Status

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If you're about to being your Unisa registration, you would then want to ensure that you know how to keep track of your registration status. Here's a guide on how to go about the process according to the higher learning institution.

A very important part of becoming a Unisa student is registering. For those students who may have already submitted their registrations, you might want to know how to check your Unisa registration status

Here's how to track your Unisa registration status:

  1. Go to UNISA Registration Status website
  2. Enter your personal Information for verification purposes. 
  3. Enter your student number in the space provided.
  4. Enter your surname 
  5. Enter your full first names 
  6. Select your date of birth 
  7. Click on “Continue”
  8. You should then be able to check the status of your Unisa registration 

Unisa has also advised that if students experience challenges in tracking their registration status, they should ensure that they read the error message carefully. They should then correct their personal details before clicking on “continue” to recheck their registration status. 

The university adds that doing this will enable their system to process their registration promptly for the current academic year.

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A Unisa student has set up a petition asking to be treated as NSFAS students at other Universities are being treated. The petition voices a demand for laptops and an increase in allowances. 

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