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TVET College Online Courses During Covid-19


TVET College students are receiving support during Covid-19.

Today's online course lesson is English Level 4 for National Certificate (Vocational) students. 

Covid-19 making it’s presence known in the world has had us all globally have our lives be put on standby. Schools have closed, Higher Education institutions have closed and many people have had to now work from home.

Several universities has started their academic programmes online today and have been provided with many online resources. However, there has not been much news about how TVET Colleges plan to deal with the lockdown and the effects it has on students.

With many resources available online, students are able to continue having their minds stimulated. During COVID-19, the Department of Higher Education and Training has created a new online portal for TVET Learner Support.

Through this online portal, students will have access to the exciting NC(V) and NATED Report 191 lecture videos, radio podcasts and other learning material that will be uploaded daily to help them prepare for the national exam.

Currently Available Courses

National Certificate (Vocational)

Subjects and Topics

Applied Accounting Level 2: 
Cash Journals

Applied Accounting Level 3: 
Analysis of Cash Book

Business Practice Level 4: 
Time Management

Carpentry and Roof Work Level 2:
Roof Construction

Construction Level 2:
Measuring and Setting Out

Electrical Systems and Construction Level 2-4:
House Installation

Electronics and Digital Electronics Level 4:
Fundamentals of Electronics

English Level 4:

Cartoons, Pictures and Comic Strips
Critical Writing

How We Write with an Opinion (Part 1)

- How We Write with an Opinion (Part 2)

Financial Management Level 4:
Financial Ratio Analysis

Food Preparation Level 4:
Meat, Poultry, Game and Offal

Fitting and Turning Level 2:
Milling Machine (Part 1)
Milling Machine (Part 2)

Fitting and Turning Level 3:

Brakes and Clutches
Centre Lathe (Part 1)

Centre Lathe (Part 2)

Freight Logistics Level 2:
Key Processes and Functions in Freight Logistics

Hospitality Generics Level 2:
Handle and Disposal of Waste

Life Orientation Level 4:

- Module 1 (Lesson 2)
Module 1 (Lesson 3)
Module 3 (Lesson 1)
Module 3 (Lesson 2)
Module 3 (Lesson 3)

Module 4 (Lesson 3)

Life Orientation Level 2-4:
Citizenship: What are free and fair elections?
Citizenship: What are human rights?
Citizenship: What is a responsive citizen?
Citizenship: Why is civic education important?
Citizenship: Why should you vote?
Civics Academy Lecturer Guide

Mathematics Level 2:
Functions and Algebra (Part 1)
Functions and Algebra (Part 2)

Mathematics Level 4:
Differentiation Rules and Equation of Tangents
Application of Differentiation - Rates of Change
Application of Differentiation - Cubic Graphs
Integration (Part 1)
- Integration (Part 2)

Plant and Equipment Level 2:
Hand Tools

Plant and Equipment Level 3:
Internal Combustion Engine

Systems Analysis and Designs Level 4:

Analysing Information Systems
Information Gathering Techniques

Transport Operations Level 2:
Operations Within a Transport Business

Transport Economics Level 3:
Legislation and Regulation of the Transport Industry

Welding Level 3:
Principles of Arc Welding

Nated Report 191

Catering Theory N5:



Drawing N6:
Study Guide

Financial Accounting N5:
Insurance Claims

Travel Office Procedures N6:
Communication with the Press

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