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How Not To Become A College Drop Out

There are 5 major reasons students don't finish their studies. Here are some tips to help you survive the challenges students face at varsity.

Don't become a college drop out

The reality is that first year students have the highest drop out ratio among all college students.

In the video 'The Top 5 Reasons Student Drop Out Of College' created by EssayPro we look at why some students abandon their studies before their academic course is complete.

No Discipline

The number one reason students drop out of college is a lack of discipline. “When a student has the willpower to finish their education and takes active steps to follow through with it nothing will stop them.”

Survivor Tip: One way to become disciplined and motivated is by setting goals and planning for your future. This will keep you focused when things get tough.

Heavy workloads

The combination of tests, homework and assignments can make even the most dedicated student feel inadequate. Academic courses require complete commitment but many students are not ready for this level of responsibility and dedication. As a result students fail to deliver on their assignments and exams.

Survivor tip: If you can't cope with the workload make a plan to join a study group or approach your college for academic support. Don't suffer in silence.

Wrong major

“About 80% of college students decide to change their major at least once.” It is not uncommon for students to commit to a course of study only to discover the programme is not what they expected. When this happens students may turn to a trade or an alternative study opportunity to earn money faster, rather than finish their qualification.

Survivor Tip: Get career guidance and do your research before you enrol for a course. Speak to people in the programme or in your prospective career if possible to get a better idea of what you can expect.

Family Issues




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