R100 Million Pledge To Lower Business School Fees

R100 million has been made available to reduce the fees that students have to pay to study business programmes at the Regenesys Business School by up to 60%. 

The economy has hit by the Covid-19 outbreak and the measures that have been taken to keep it under control.  Money available to pay for course fees is likely to be in short supply for many. There is some good news on the horizon with the announcement of a pledge by the Regenesys Foundation. 

The pledge will see R100 million made available for the reduction of course fees at the Regenesys Business School by 60%. They have called it a lockdown education initiative and it is available to the first 500 students to register for the online MBA, Bachelor’s, Diploma, and Certificate programmes for the period between May and August 2020.

Dr Marko Saravanja, chairperson of Regenesys Business School, said: “Regenesys is deeply committed to helping all members of society that have been affected by pay cuts and job losses to develop a competitive edge and bounce back from the pandemic or to start their own new venture.”

Ms Indherani Reddy, Head of the Regenesys Foundation said: “The Regenesys Foundation is honoured to be able to make this important contribution to education during this pandemic. The online learning qualifications are of the highest quality and are fully accredited.

This initiative has been made possible by generous support from the Regenesys community of alumni, students, staff, part-time faculty, and friends of Regenesys from over 20 countries who have pledged various types of support ranging from cash to lecturing, tutoring, assessments, research supervision, mentoring and coaching, as well as salary sacrifices.”

The places are limited to 500 and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis to eligible students from South Africa, India, Nigeria and all other African countries.

Regenesys Business School has educated over 200,000 students over the past 23 years, and its alumni occupy top leadership positions in corporate and government institutions all over the world.

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