Graduating? Make your mark!

25 May 2021 is the day of graduation of hundreds of students – the Boston City Campus class of 2020. This graduation brings to mind all the memes and motivations that went viral during the Lockdown.


While Covid19 may have diminished students time on the stage and educators time at the podium, it certainly has not diminished the efforts that students went to, in order to achieve their goals. 25 May 2021 is the day of graduation of hundreds of students – the Boston City Campus class of 2020.

This graduation brings to mind all the memes and motivations that went viral during the Lockdown. Success in the face of adversity, facing the fourth industrial revolution with online learning, perseverance pays off, these amongst the many memes designed as motivators to get us back on the road to achieving education and other goals. 

The 2020 students overcame even more obstacles than most students would have, dealing with lockdown and other challenges as well as their studies. We are reminded of another viral hashtag, so apt at a ‘covid’ graduation:  #TogetherWeShallOvercome.

The huge growth in social media pages that include The Good Things Guy, MoveOneMillion and WeAreStaying showed us that these challenges are better surpassed when they are not faced alone. We all need motivators, partners and people who people who quite simply believe in us – and say so! 

We know that graduations that took place in 2020 and those that take place in 2021 may not be the graduation of dreams, but at we believe that all university students showed so much courage. With perseverance they have shown that they can and will rise to the occasion. So we encourage all graduates out there, whether of a university, a college, school or a workplace skills programme –to  go out and make your day memorable! Do not let this occasion pass by unmarked – it is a special and honourable day.

To give an idea of what can be done, some Boston Campuses will hire grad gowns and a photographer so that grads will still get their official Graduation photo for posterity. Grads can get together and do this in a group – share the cost of the photographer and gown hiring, and mark the occasion with this formality. That amongst the virtual graduation that will take place, blogs, and shared images, and more.

Did Covid19 make you feel despondent? You are not alone. But if you are graduating we say to you: Take the time and effort to be with friends and family in a safe and social distancing manner. Take your grad pics, and share them with pride. The resilience graduates displayed to get to their goals is awe-inspiring. Go out there and make things happen!

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