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FEDISA Applications Are Open


Interested in getting a qualification in Fashion at FEDISA? Well, your wish can come true because their 2021 applications are now open. 

FEDISA has proven that the days of fashion schools training glorified seamstresses are over. The modern fashion institute must prepare its graduates for the enormous diversity of career opportunities that are available in today’s dynamic world of fashion. Herein FEDISA has been shown to be remarkably successful as the list of FEDISA graduates in the global industry keeps growing.

FEDISA offers courses that are internationally recognized by the fashion industry. Their campuses are equipped with the Research Labs, Auditoriums, Technology Labs and so much more. There are two campuses, one in Cape Town and another in Sandton.

Fedisa is focused on empowering students with the ability to cope more successfully with the rigours of degree studies in a demanding design-education environment, while raising a highly focused awareness of the influences of driving design and consumption in the 21st Century.

Courses Offered 

  • Bachelor of Arts in Fashion
  • Bachelor of Arts Honours in Fashion
  • Diploma in Fashion



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