Boston City Campus Career Compass

Career Compass is a free self-exploration tool, self-exploration methodology is widely used in the career guidance field.

As a leading Higher Education provider, Boston believes in ensuring that its students have the knowledge and support to make the right career choice.
Through Boston provides prospective students with the opportunity to discover more about themselves, their talents, and what kind of careers they would be best suited to.
Academic as well as workplace success soars when you are studying or working with what you love.
Career Compass is a self-exploration tool, self-exploration methodology is widely used in the career guidance field.
Results are available immediately and are produced in the form of a graph that ranks the individuals results from the most suited career options to the least suited career options based upon the individual's interests.  

In this pandemic where students wish to stay home and minimise public travel, this site is a game-changer. To receive follow up with telephonic guidance, or to make an appointment to visit a campus, simply log in and send in your details after the questionnaire is completed. This will be very useful for you if you have further queries regarding the academics or your preferred career options.

Many school guidance counsellors and teachers are now desperately trying to catch students up on work missed, gaps in education, and plans for completing the 2020 academic year. Career guidance is low on their list of priorities and capacities. Boston is stepping in to assist, and this is a MAJOR community service initiative - guiding students towards a successful and satisfying career. Boston has a very important role to play, and we are taking it seriously.

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