Find Out About The MSC Difference With Online Interactive Learning

As Tim Sanders (a New York Times bestselling author) once said, “education without application is just entertainment”. Thanks to COVID-19, online learning has been forced upon us, but this is not simply a mere shift from traditional “teaching” to online learning for MSC.


The way that education institutions have adapted to this change is a differentiator as there are some key factors which separate average from exceptional. MSC

Business College approaches online interactive learning by placing students at the forefront of modern digital learning without neglecting the human touch. Our trainees are supported by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who are highly experienced industry professionals. Together with this, our various online learning deliveries (including Google Classroom and the Electronic Learning Platform) ensure that trainees remain connected to interactive, informative, and relevant learning frameworks and assessment tools that prepare them for the challenges of their vocation.

At MSC Business College, we understand the need for smart, swift, and secure assessment tools that help to provide trainees with productive feedback on their learning progress. Google Classroom, our information hub, provides learner guides, weekly lesson uploads, module activities, and additional supportive resources to keep our trainees’ learning organised and accessible at all times. In response to this, our Learning Guides are especially developed for our trainee’s ease of access to material that is comprehensible, relatable, and applicable.

To beat the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), MSC's Telegram class groups ensure that our trainees stay in constant contact with their SMEs and that they are provided with continuous support. Updates and quick reference tools (such as videos and visual aids) are shared with trainees to keep them informed and engaged with continual learning experiences.

Online classes, via Zoom, provide trainees with interactive opportunities to engage with their SMEs and fellow
classmates. Our smaller classes allow for deep discussions and critical thinking through breakout rooms whilst relating theoretical elements to practical application through self-testing quizzes. These contextualised continuous assessments help trainees track their individual learning progress and provide SMEs with feedback on areas where additional support is required for each individual trainee.

Outside of the online classroom, support webinars are provided to trainees as part of MSC Business College’s commitment to develop essential academic writing, research and referencing skills via Microsoft Teams and Zoom Webinars. The variety of weekly webinars and workshops helps to promote trainee wellness and confidence, thereby increasing our retention rate by over 20%. These additional support resources have also helped us to equip knowledgeable leaders for the workplace.

If you’re eager to acquire a meaningful and flexible learning experience, our corporate packages are also available to meet the demands of working individuals. Industry-specific teaching helps to develop current employees to become exceptional resources by means of the skills they acquire with MSC Business College.

And so, one question remains - are you ready to be a trainee with MSC or, are you happy to just be another...student? The choice is yours; the future is now.


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