Why online is the best offering – from the leaders in online education

While many institutions grapple with a sudden and dramatic shift to online learning, provision of technology mediated learning is in our DNA. Boston City Campus has decades of experience in this modality of provision.

Boston has carefully curated its teaching and learning materials to be durable, reliable, cutting-edge and most importantly constructively-aligned for a seamless and coherent student learning experience.

In our experience, online and distance learning (ODL) is:

  • flexible
  • cost-effective
  • enables access to those in full-time employment
  • learning can take place at any time and in any place
  • It is study AND work, travel, AND have a family

The world is no longer preoccupied with what type of learning got you your qualification: what remains important is the reputation of the institution and of its graduates.

One such measure is evidenced in local and voluntary international accreditation.

  • In the context of fourth industrial revolution, online learning supports and develops personal independence, and prepares the candidate for the modern workplace – one which is characterised by remote work-from-home arrangements and a high degree of personal autonomy. Now more so than ever.
  • The student who has had to self-manage their studies is someone who can be trusted to meet deadlines in the remote workplace. Driving one’s own academic journey via online and distance learning accelerates the individual’s need to think critically, solve problems, and take responsibility for progress: these “soft skills” are valuable currency in the modern workplace.
  • Affords you the chance to pace yourself toward your goals: we cannot all run the race at the same speed, and nor should we.
  • Technological advances have revolutionised the online and distance learning space. Learning management systems (LMS) offer single-point access to all that is needed for the truly integrated learning experience: digital content, syllabi, interfacing with faculty, communication with peers, synchronous and asynchronous lectures (real-time or recorded for later viewing).
  • The LMS technology also facilitates online completion of assessment events, permits grading to happen online, and for feedback to reach the student swiftly.
  • Boston leverages the available technology to the student’s benefit, incorporating AI to monitor participation, send motivational communications, and trigger alerts when participation is low which prompts a call to the student from a member of faculty or a personal student advisor. Online does not mean alone!

Apply today for a postgrad, degree or diploma from an internationally accredited institution.

See our courses at www.boston.co.za. Or call 011 551 9000. For a call back email your details to info@boston.co.za.

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