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How To Avoid Bogus Colleges

So you want to study further? That's great! There are plenty of colleges and other education institutes out there, but before you do make sure that your college or institution is registered.

How to avoid bogus colleges

There are lots of good private colleges but you may have to ask a few important questions to weed out the illegitimate ones.

With so many reports of bogus colleges and similar scams you can't be too careful about verifying the institution where you want to study.

To help you the DHET has given a list of 9 questions that you should answer before enrolling.

Before you register at a Private College ask the following questions:

  • Is the Private College registered with the DHET?
  • If registered, is the certificate for registration displayed?
  • Is the qualification I am interested in listed on the certificate?
  • Are the qualifications in the brochure the same as those in the registration certificate?
  • Is the campus/site where I want to enroll registered with DHET?
  • Is the campus/site suitable for education and training?
  • Can the college provide full details of its teaching staff and their qualifications?
  • Do I understand my responsibilities as stated on the contract?
  • How does the Private College compare with other public colleges in terms of qualifications and services offered?


How To Find Out If Your Qualification Is NQF Registered -SAQA

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