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Apply Today at the Belgium Campus ITVersity


Applying at Belgium Campus ITVersity could lead to you being a part of an institution that raises the bar in IT so what are you waiting for, apply now!

Are you ready to break the mould and recreate it in a new, exciting and innovative way? Do you see the gaps where others do not? Do you envisage how 0s and 1s can change the world? Where others see obstacles does your imagination see solutions and are you passionate about shaping a new tomorrow, especially in the world of ICT. If you want to be plugged into the evolution of technology, join Belgium Campus ITVersity and they can show you how you can find new horizons in any industry through ICT.

Graduating from Belgium Campus ITVersity can open up so many career opportunities for you. These careers include software development, business intelligence, user experience design, software engineering, data science, database design, artificial intelligence, programming, web development, system design and architecture. Some of the job opportunities that will become available to you might not even exist because they haven’t been created yet! 

Courses Offered:

  • Diploma in Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Computing
  • Bachelor of Information Technology
  • National Certificate: IT (System Development)
  • National Certificate: IT (Database Development)


  • Tshwane 
  • Ekurhuleni 
  • Nelson Mandela Bay

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