Apply To Study Nursing At KZN College Of Nursing

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Nursing is a noble and rewarding profession as nurses serve and assist vulnerable people who are in need of help. Individuals who want to pursue a career in nursing can now apply to start studying in 2024 at KZN College Of Nursing. 

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Nursing Colleges in KZN

Nurses play a critical role in the healthcare system as they provide patient care, administer medication, collaborate with doctors and ensure sick and injured people are assisted. Individuals must fulfil several requirements on the journey to becoming a nurse in South Africa. 

The KwaZulu-Natal Department of Health Nursing Intake 2024 is an exceptional opportunity for aspiring nurses to make their mark in the healthcare sector. Aspiring nurses can apply for enrollment in the National Diploma of Nursing before applications close on 31 August 2023. 

Purpose Of The National Diploma of Nursing

The purpose of the programme is to develop well-rounded nurses with specialised knowledge and skills in general nursing. 

This program aligns with the primary healthcare approach and covers competencies in disease prevention, health promotion, treatment, and rehabilitation. 

Nursing students with the skills needed to address both physical and psychosocial health determinants and contribute to the enhancement of healthcare systems through the delivery of high-quality nursing services.

Who Can Apply To Study Nursing

Individuals can apply to study nursing if they meet the following criteria.

An individual must…

  • possess a National Senior Certificate (NSC) with a Diploma level pass
  • Achieve a minimum Matric score of 25 points, calculated according to an approved point system (APS).
  • Pass the following subjects
  • English Home Language (EHL) or First Additional Language (FAL)
  • Another Language: Home Language or First Additional Language
  • Mathematics (L3) or Mathematics Literacy (L5)
  • Life Science or Physical Science

Individuals who completed school before 2008 must have scored a maximum of 6 relevant highest score subjects on their Grade 12 certificate.

How To Apply For KZN College Of Nursing 

Applicants must apply online by following the KZN College of Nursing website. Here's the step by step guide on how to apply to study Nursing at KZN College of Nursing.

KwaZulu Natal College of Nursing

Step 1: Visit the KZN College of Nursing Website 

Step 2: Click the button “apply for 2024” to complete your profile.

Step 3: Upload all the required documents

Step 4: Click the apply now button on the student details page to complete your application. 

KZN Nursing College

The KZN college of nursing warned applicants that failure to comply with the above instructions will disqualify applicants.

Applicants are reminded that all certificates and information provided will be verified by the department to ensure they are authentic.

Individuals enrolled in other study programmes are disqualified from submitting a nursing application. Individuals who are receiving funding will not be able to apply. 

It's important to note that applications will only be considered if they are submitted online. Registered or posted mail, hand delivered or emailed applications will Note be processed

Registered or posted mail, hand delivered or emailed applications will NOT be accepted.

Documents Needed For Nursing Applications 

  • Copy of matric certificate
  • Copy of Identity Document 
  • Proof of residence or affidavit 
  • All copies of highest qualification (academic transcripts)
  • A signed affidavit from the Commissioner of Oaths clearly indicating that you have not previously benefited from the Department of Health bursary system at the KZN College of Nursing. 

Nursing Intake

While applicants can check their application status to study nursing on the KZN College of Nursing Website. Only successful applicants will be notified about the outcome of their applications. 


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