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International Hotel School

Registration Number: 

International Hotel School offers diplomas and higher certificates in a hospitality, food and event management subjects. Studying hospitality is very popular as there are many career options available for graduates, both in South Africa and internationally. International Hotel School is registered and accredited in South Africa but its course are also internationally recognised.

Courses Offered: 

  • Higher Certificate in Hospitality Management (HEQSF Aligned, NQF Level 5, 120-Credits, Contact Mode and Distance Mode) [A,B,C,D]
  • Higher Certificate in Food and Beverage Management (HEQSF Aligned, NQF Level 5, Contact Mode and Distance Mode)[A,B,C,D]
  • Higher Certificate in Events Management (HEQSF Aligned, Level 5, 120-Credits: Contact Mode and Distance Mode) [A,B,C,D]
  • Diploma in Food and Beverage Operations Management (HEQSF Aligned, NQF Level 6, 360 Credit, Distance Mode) [A,B,C,D]
  • Diploma in Hospitality Management (HEQSF aligned, NQF Level 6, 360 Credits: Contact Mode and Distance Mode) [A,B,C,D]
  • Diploma in Professional Cookery and Kitchen Management (HEQSF aligned, NQF Level 6, 360 Credits: Contact Mode) [A,B,C,D]
Type of Institution: 
Private Higher Education Institution

Qualification Types: 

Higher CertificateNational Diploma


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