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Durban University of Technology

Durban University of Technology offers many different departments as well as short courses. There are libraries at all campuses for students to use for their studies. Writing centres are offered to help students to improve their writing, reading and researching skills. Bursaries and scholarships are awarded to deserving students. All students are encouraged to apply for NSFAS funding as it provides financial relief to low income households.

Type of Institution: 
University of Technology

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Bursary Opportunities

Coronation Exceptional Student Bursary

Coronation Fund Managers is an independent asset management company.

As a pure fund management business, we know that our people are the heart of our DNA - a group of talented professionals with an extraordinary blend of skills, insights and passion.

Teamwork, long-term thinking and continuous learning that is actively encouraged by the company are all key components of our culture.
Who can apply?
Applicants must meet the following minimal criteria:

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