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You Could Teach English as a Foreign Language

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Millions of people around the world want to learn English every year so there is major demand for young people to work as teachers. Teaching English can mean that you earn money and travel the world.

What is TEFL?

Do want to earn money and also see new places? Do you enjoy meeting new people and helping other people learn?

If you study to be a TEFL teacher you can then work overseas teaching English.

Teaching English as a foreign language, often shortened to TEFL, is a very popular option for young people. Many South African are comfortable speaking and writing English and can serve as great teachers for many foreigners who want to learn English.

The British Council predict that by next year there will be 2 billion people speaking and learning English, and with over 300 million English language learners in China alone. There is no better time to be a TEFL teacher. 

Gone are the days when TEFL was considered a stopgap for backpackers when they run out of money, or a temporary stint for confused people. These days there’s no reason you can’t TEFL as a career, and nobody will think it odd if you want to hand in your resignation letter and hop on a plane to TEFL in some faraway destination. In fact, more and more people are discovering a lifestyle which can only be made possible with TEFL. 

What TEFL Courses Can You Study?

The TEFL Academy level 5 TEFL courses (168 hours) that can be studied in two ways. You have the choice of studying the course completely online, perfect for those who have busy lives, or as a combined course with 20-hours of classroom training - for those who wish to gain some hands-on classroom experience.

Why should you be a TEFL teacher?

Besides the myriad of personal reasons that being a TEFL teacher is a good idea, there are a host of external reasons you should seriously consider it. 

  • More and more people are learning English out of economic necessity. English is undoubtedly the language of business and trade, so a working knowledge of English is necessary to succeed on the international stage.
  • Developing countries have realised the need for skilled English-speaking graduates to improve their economies. In fact, there is a proven correlation between producing large numbers of graduates skilled in English and an increase in economic performance, largely due to increased foreign investment and a rise in gross national income and GDP.
  • Similarly, parents now understand the need for English language education for their children.
  • Countries are now increasing investments in education in order to increase English proficiency. 
  • There are roughly 40 000 language schools around the world, with 100 000 EFL positions opening up every year. 

For more details about work as a TEFL teacher you can contact the TEFL Academy.


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