Yes, I am finished with Matric! Now what?


Every High School leaver asks themselves this question…... Some are fortunate to know what they would like to do, either to look for work or to study further.

If the choice is to study further, then the questions arise as to what to study and how much will it cost?

Both questions are dependant upon how the following question is answered, which is, ‘’What type of job would I like to do?”

Many Training Providers offer School Leavers the opportunity to complete a Career Assessment before selecting which Study Field to enter. A Career Assessment is an important instrument which may be used to assist a School Leaver in selecting the correct Study Field. The choice of Study Fields is also vast, which includes, Education and Training Development,
Business Administration, Project Management, Financial Accounting, Business Management, and Information Technology, just to name a few…

After selecting the field to study in, the next question is how much will it cost to study and how to pay for the studies. There are numerous ways to pay to study further, for example:

  • Bursaries – these are given to students to pay for their studies, some Companies may expect the Students to pay back the studies by signing a contract to work for them, after finishing studying, whereas other Companies may donate a bursary without expecting anything back in return.
  • Student Loans – these are granted by banks in order to assist the Student with their tuition fees, textbooks, etc.
  • Learnerships – these are working based learning programs which some Companies offer, and leads to a registered qualification and is linked to an occupation or field of work.

The importance of studying is that it is for life, meaning what you study now, does not necessarily mean you will stop studying, it means that you will continually study and grow as a person and
improve your knowledge and skills.

As Mahatma Ghandi once quoted: “Learn as if you were to live forever”.

Article written by Academy Training Group




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