Want To Study Social Work? Try Unisa!

If you would like to study Social Work, be sure to check Unisa out. They offer this qualification and make it convenient for you to complete your studies too!

The University of South Africa (Unisa) is the largest university system in South Africa by enrollment. It offers Open and Distance Learning (ODL) which allows students to have their own schedule. 

The College of Human Sciences at Unisa offers two undergraduate qualifications in the department of social work, namely the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) and the Higher Certificate in Social Auxiliary Work (HCSAW).  

According to Unisa, the social work qualification is said to ensure that all graduates will be able to enhance the quality of life for all by means of social development and transformation through acquired knowledge, skills and values. 

The Department of Social Work advocates for social transformation, democracy and social justice. It aims to practically apply the foundational principle of Unisa's mission which is to be "in service of humanity." The training offered at this institution is student-centred, supportive and empowering. The goal of the social work department is to produce graduates who are "proactive global citizens" and show a sense of knowledge and appreciation of economic issues within their communities and globally.  

At Unisa the Bachelor of Social Work qualification will equip graduates with the skillls and knowledge to address many of the consequences of social inequality, exclusion, poverty and marginalisation through evidence-based interventions. If this interests you then you should definitely look into studying at this institution. 

In terms of employment, social work is needed in a number of institutions and organisations, namely government departments, non-governmental organisations, rehabilitation centres, youth and child care centres as well as other community-based organisations. 

For graduates with a Higher Certificate in Social Auxiliary Work employment can be found in a number of fields of the social work practice to support social workers in their work. This qualification also serves as a bridging course for applicants who wish to enrol for social work in the future but do not yet meet the university requirements.

For more information on the Bachelor of Social Work, including the qualification admission requirements and the module information, click here

For more information on the admission requirements and module information of the Higher Certificate of Social Auxiliary Work, click here. 




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