The MBA for pioneers

You are the one who thinks differently. You are the one who will make them proud. You are the one who will change the future. Richfield is proud to introduce its very first MBA to the collection of world-class Richfield courses, for people like you. Guided by the Richfield pillars of Work-Integrated Learning and Tech-Forwardness, the Richfield MBA was designed to enable managers and entrepreneurs alike to develop their critical thinking and decision-making abilities in the context of a disruptive, tech-heavy world.

Why do an MBA?

An MBA is pivotal in any career journey. By stretching students and giving them added confidence and understanding in their chosen career, an MBA elevates a specialist to a leader. In addition, by completing an MBA, candidates connect with like-minded individuals from varying backgrounds and areas of expertise, building an invaluable professional network.

As the corporate landscape becomes more technologically complex, workplace leaders need to be, not only more aware, but more adept at making decisions and solving complex problems effectively and quickly. The Richfield MBA equips them to do just that, ultimately aiding in the success of their business.

The Richfield MBA combines Work-Integrated Learning, relevant course material, and a combination of distance learning and face-to-face sessions to equip candidates to solve real-world problems. Students will be able to apply what they learn in a working context as they go and at their own pace. An MBA, and more so, a Richfield MBA is a platform for people to transform and grow from specialists to leaders as well.

Why Richfield?

Richfield boasts an established track record of over 30 years and is one of South Africa’s leading private higher education institutions. As such, Richfield designed the MBA curriculum to be transformative and to equip candidates with the robustness and adaptability to remain relevant in the changing management landscape, while continuing to build onto the foundations and disciplines of management.

The course was designed with working people in mind, allowing candidates to plan and customise their course load around work demands, so the MBA does not interrupt their full-time employment. The use of modern enterprise video communications and MOODLE cultivate online collaboration and interaction without the demands of contact learning.

The combination of online sessions and face-to-face workshops strikes a comfortable balance between digital-first modes of learning and personal fulfilment and engagement, so that candidates will have a supportive network while fulfilling study requirements. Students will leave the MBA with specialist knowledge and skills, as well as a diverse, professional network to last a lifetime.

The Richfield MBA is complimented by the suite of world-class faculty, each of whom is a qualified expert and thought leader, and is active in research. The faculty is headed by a dedicated MBA team, who strive to make things run smoothly and optimally for both students and staff.

Who is this MBA for?

Digital disruption phenomena have a transversal and integrated impact across all segments of business operations. Their universal nature means that the skills required to adapt to them and overcome them are needed across all areas of business. The Richfield MBA addresses this universality thoroughly, making the course material relevant to every manager, irrespective of their unique role.

Above all, this MBA is for entrepreneurs and visionaries in corporate management.

Benefits for you and your organisation

The Richfield MBA produces sought-after graduates who are equipped with the in-demand skills needed to adapt to change in volatile and disruptive times. While providing graduates with the knowledge to handle finance, human resources, strategy, ethics, and more, the Richfield MBA is a cut above other MBAs because it provides graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to use technology to make their business not only run but thrive.

The Curriculum

The total number of assessments for modules at NQF level 9 are:

  • 2 assignments
  • 1 examination


The final mark (100%) will be made up of:

  • 40% assignments (individual and syndicate)
  • 60% written examination


How to apply

The Admissions Committee will review complete applications in a holistic manner. You may be invited for a telephonic interview before a final decision is reached. To apply, simply follow these steps:

Step 1:

Make sure you meet the application requirements. To be an eligible candidate, you must have a relevant Honours degree, a Post Graduate Diploma or a Bachelor’s degree (NQF level 8) from an accredited higher education institution. Ideally, candidates have 3 years’ work-related experience or are in a management position in an organisation.

Step 2:

Complete the online application form and submit all relevant documentation. 

Step 3:

Complete the Evalex assessments. 

Applicants will be admitted on a rolling admissions basis. If accepted, a 5% deposit of year one’s tuition will secure your seat.

You are the one who thinks differently. You are the one who will make them proud. You are the one who will change the future. Answer the call. Register for the Richfield MBA today.

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