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Study sports science at Boston

I have the habit of striking random conversations with youngsters and asking them about their goals and ambitions, particularly in the career that they want to pursue. 

I have the habit of striking random conversations with youngsters and asking them about their goals and ambitions, particularly in the career that they want to pursue. I remember not so long ago I was walking to the gym, I made a quick stop at the park waiting for my gym partner. A group of five youngsters stood close by chit-chatting.

I walked up to the lads and joined in their conversation only to steer it to the direction that I wanted. One of them said he is keen to pursue a sports administrative course and another was caught between a rock and a hard place – struggling to decide between football administration and coaching.

For the sake of this conversation, let’s call him Themba. He singled out Orlando Pirates chairman Dr Irvin Khoza as his inspiration and idol, but was puzzled about what to study after competing grade 12. His friend, who we’ll name Jake, said he does not want to go to tertiary next year because he would love to be a fitness trainer. And to him, being a fitness trainer requires one to be fit and that’s it.

That was when I realized that a lot of people who are interested in getting into the sports profession in whatever capacity, don't know about Boston City Campus’ exciting sports qualifications. They cover all sporting codes and related fields.

My favorite one is the Sports Club Administration qualification. This particular one would be tailor made for a guy like Themba and others who aspire to run football clubs or rugby franchises, just to name a few. If you are armed with this qualification, you will walk into the industry with an upper-hand because you will possess a number of skills in your arsenal. There is a module that touches the finer details of club management and administration, and with that in your back pocket, you are well on your way to follow in the footsteps of Dr Khoza and club owners alike.

I can recommend another qualification called Sports Management. Within that specialization there is a module called sports psychology, and in that, you can branch out and be a sports counsellor where you focus on counseling athletes because they tend to suffer from mental fatigue from time to time.

It does not end there, the opportunities are endless. For those interested in sports events, there’s a module focusing on that within the Sports Management qualification – it’s called sports event management. With this you will be the guru of organizing sports events. Consider the Africa Cup of Nations taking place in Egypt - a continental showpiece that is watched by millions across the globe.

For someone who has the Sports Management qualification, you’d be well versed to host a live screening at busy location when Bafana Bafana plays, so that those who are not in Egypt can enjoy the game in one place in a patriotic environment.

The most exciting part is that the Sports Management qualification can lead you into becoming the “team doctor”. What most people are not aware of is that you don’t necessarily have to study medicine to become a “team doctor” in the sporting world. (You act more as body and mind consultant.) In this course there is a section focusing on sports nutrition, sports medicine and injuries. These will put you in a good position to assess athletes when they are injured and based on the nutrition knowledge that you have, you’d be able to draw up diet plans for them if they are slightly out of shape.

Lastly but not limited to as Boston offers more than one can imagine, you can use the Further Education & Training in Sports Management certificate to become a dispenser of the knowledge yourself as a coach in schools as it touches on youth leadership, financial management in sport and how to supervise sports facilities in a community.


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