Study A BA Degree in Fashion at FEDISA

Are you interested in fashion design? Do you want to study a BA degree in Fashion? Study a BA Degree in Fashion through FEDISA Fashion School. 


FEDISA has proven that the days of fashion schools training glorified seamstresses are over. The modern fashion institute must prepare its graduates for the enormous diversity of career opportunities that are available in today’s dynamic world of fashion. Herein FEDISA has been shown to be remarkably successful as the list of FEDISA graduates in the global industry keeps growing.

What is a Bachelor of Arts in fashion?

What is a BA in Fashion Design? A BA in Fashion Design equips students with the knowledge and skills that they need to start and become success in careers in the fashion industry. Courses cover a wide variety of useful skills such as seamstressing, pattern making, draping, apparel construction, and fashion sketching.

BA Degree in Fashion at FEDISA

The programme is designed for the creative business-minded person, who has a flair for fashion, style and a love of all aspects influencing the “World of Fashion”, such as prevailing trends, cultural influences, production technology and sound business practice.

DURATION - 3 years

Practical components of the programme run on a 3-week cycle, to allow for protracted concentration, while theoretical components are accommodated on a weekly rotation.The programme consists of four major courses, each consisting of a number of sub-components. The FEDISA programme is assigned as set out below:

Course structure

Conceptual design, story boarding, life & figure drawing, illustration, colour theory, visual merchandising, computer aided design (CAD), and 2D & 3D design.

Pattern technology, pattern grading, technical drawing, garment & textile technology and textiles theory.

Business practice, principles & functions and work integrated learning (internship) .

Fashion & design history, communications and social studies.

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