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Progress Your Career With Omni HR Consulting

Have you thought about your personal development for this year yet? Why not let us provide you with an overview of our Education, Training and Development qualifications to assist you in meeting your career aspirations.

Perhaps you are looking to achieve your ETD qualification this year, or engage in online learning by developing your soft skills? Whatever you aim to achieve, we would love to hear from you to help support you in making your goals a reality!


Obtain formal recognition in the field of Education, Training and Development (ETD) by embarking on a learning journey towards achieving a qualification in the field. The qualification is aimed at individuals who aspire to or are currently fulfilling one or more roles within the field of ETD practices within their workplace or community.
Learn more about our dynamic programmes, click below:

National Diploma
National Certificate


We have developed an entire curriculum focused on the requisite soft (essential) skills required for the future-world-of-work. Our 2030 Workforce Skills ​provides the opportunity for interactive discussions and thought-provoking self-reflections, evoking the desire for personal growth and the change required for success. 

  • Creativity: 04-05 June
    • Creativity is pivotal for Exponential Organisation Growth. Join us on this 2-day workshop and start transforming your organisation from inside out.
  • Emotional Intelligence: 06-07 May
    • Are you human enough for the Fourth Industrial Revolution? Emotional Intelligence ensures that you are ready for the challenges that AI brings in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 


  • ASSERTIVENESS - 7 May 2020
    • Become more confident in your interactions with others, both personally and professionally and build your self-esteem with this Assertiveness workshop.
    • Learn how to manage conflict effectively and convert it from being damaging to being positive opportunities for constructive growth and change.
  • CONFLICT HANDLING - 14 May 2020
    • Understand the impact and consequences of conflict, self-reflect and develop effective methods of handling conflict with greater confidence and success. 
    • Develop and refine the communication skills, behaviours and tactics needed to interact with others effectively and enable good interpersonal relationships. 

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