Planning For Plan B Gives You Options No Matter What


Congratulations on finishing matric exams! You took the first step to making sure your future is set. Are you concerned about what may be with your matric results?


It’s time to set your post school goals – just have a few options available so that when results are released you will have an option available to you.

If your results fall short of degree entry, take this in your stride. If you had set your goals on doing a degree, you can still achieve these goals, starting with with a Higher Certificate. You still have various study options that will help you build a successful career.

What exactly is a Higher Certificate, and what are the advantages?

Once you have successfully completed a Higher Certificate, you can go on to study a diploma or a degree. In addition, depending on your programme selection, you may have credits towards the degree you choose. In other words, the Higher Certificate can be used for degree entry purposes in cases where your matric fell short. What this means is that you do not necessarily have to repeat matric to better your results. However, it cannot be used in place of a matric, rather in a way to improve entry requirements. There are plusses too! A Higher Certificate is only one of year study. This means one year of fees, and one year of study commitment until you achieve degree entry, without spending that year repeating matric. It is a completed qualification which means that you can add it to your CV after just one year. It will give you basic entry level skill to the career you choose, and there are over 10 for you to choose from. This also puts you ahead of the queue when job seeking with school leavers – you have more to offer an employer, with skills gained towards a particular career.

With your Higher Certificate you can study:

  • Commerce in Human Resources Management
  • Marketing Specialisation Social Media
  • Higher Certificate in Paralegal Practice
  • Higher Certificate in Marketing Specialisation Sport
  • Higher Certificate in Marketing Specialisation Tourism
  • Higher Certificate in Marketing Specialisation Digital Music

These are just one of the few of the Higher Certificates. These certificates represent the base for a professional and/or academic journey.

Boston provides a focus that points towards a specific career field and prepares you for a specific job functions. Our Higher Certificates build a flexible and adaptable competence base that can be applied in many professional, workplace contexts.

Our mission is to provide quality and relevant education and training to all learners and education for life.




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