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There’s no denying that COVID-19 has rocked the economy. Companies that were around since before we were born have closed, the national airline has been grounded, and the transport industry was literally brought to a standstill when workers were told to stay at home. The global economy has slowed, reducing exports, forcing prices lower and drying up demand. Sales in many industries are lower as people try to save more and spend less.


Sounds like plenty of reasons for pessimism, right?

But, it’s also a good time to remember that the pandemic is temporary. As it passes and the economy revives, industry will have more need of skilled workers and qualified professionals than ever before.

Whether you’re currently without a job, or in a job that doesn’t satisfy your interests or provide all your needs, take the opportunity now to get ready for the post-pandemic economy. Because if you put off your study plans and wait for the economy to return to ‘normal’, you’ll be too late to take advantage of it.

On the other hand, by choosing to study at False Bay TVET College now, you can invest in yourself and improve your employment prospects. Not only are there bursaries or company assistance for qualifying students and a wide range of qualifications but, with part-time or distance learning qualification options available, you can stay safely indoors at home while you complete your National N Diploma or an Occupational Programme with

And when you get that qualification, whether you’re looking for new employment or hoping to advance in your current job, your prospects of success are greater with an improved CV. Much greater.

Studying and improving your education now will even benefit you personally before completion. Research studies show that simply making progress towards a goal and investing in personal development can cause people to feel happier, more satisfied and more positive about their future.

You can choose to spend the remainder of this crisis period sleeping late, wasting time with social media or frustrating yourself with the lack of stimulation and social interaction. Or, you could take on the challenge of studying, stimulate your mind and start each day with a new, positive purpose.

Will 2021 be your year of Pandemic Pessimism or Academic Optimism? The choice is yours. Make the smart one.

Applications are open right now for Semester 2 at False Bay TVET College.

Click here to find out more or to apply for part-time studies.

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