New Online Courses Offered By Top Universities

Top universities have decided to introduce approximately 1 500 free online courses. Be sure to read up on these courses so that you do not miss out on opportunities.

As the world evolves, the model for higher education changes along with it said futurist Graeme Codrington, the partner at TomorrowToday.

Top universities are offering a large number of free online courses. These universities include Oxford, Yale, Stanford and MIT.

Codrington points out that even though these courses do not provide certificates, attending these universities will help students make lifelong connections.

Students will be able to access lectures and download the lecture notes for certain courses. They will not be able to access tutorial groups, interact with other students and receive feedback from the lecturer.

By studying these courses, it will show future employers that they have gone through a series of programs, which sets them aside from the rest of the applicants.

"But don't wait for your HR department to put a course together and to send you a memo that you've been scheduled for a course... We live in a world now where you need to keep yourself up to speed," said Codrington.


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