Human Resource Management At IQ Academy

Where can I study Human Resources?

Human resources management courses available at IQ Academy. Advance your skills and knowledge in HR management principles and practices.

  • Higher Certificate and Short Courses
  • Specialised teaching and learning support
  • Innovative distance education

Specialised learning support
Get access to expert tutors and academic support while you study.

Study while you work
Learn on your schedule, anywhere, anytime with distance education.

Develop life skills
Get access to our range of FREE DO Life courses when you register!

What courses does IQ Academy offer?

  • Higher Certificate in Human Resource Management - starting from R746.67 p/m
  • Principles of Effective Leadership - starting from R479.00 p/m
  • Human Resources Management - starting from R479.00 p/m
  • Employee Wellness - starting from R479.00 p/m
  • Human Resources Administration - starting from R400.00 p/m



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