Here's A Great Advertising Online Course For You

Wanting to get into advertising? Looking for a good course to do? Well, Eskilz College has you covered with their online courses.

Wanting to get into advertising? Looking for a good course to do? Well, Eskilz College has you covered with their online courses.

The purpose of the qualification is to equip entry-level persons in the advertising industry with the competence required to supply support services in an advertising environment. Qualifying learners are able to manage their time, solve problems and make decisions independently, conduct gap analysis and control, work in teams and respect individual abilities, maintain interpersonal relations, create their own role and value, and promote entrepreneurship in the advertising sector.

This qualification allows learners to self-select the advertising industry and their specific area of interest.

Qualified learners know how to derive value from creative work, and, therefore, can assert their value in economic sectors. They gain an orientation to business and entry to industry is made easier, at a lower level, resulting in a broader base of competence. Qualified learners can progress/advance into specialist areas and functions, and are able to make an informed decision regarding their own career paths.

The qualification is aimed at improving earning capability and equipping learners with competitive skills and client service competence. They learn how to facilitate communication in and by the advertising sector. These areas of competence are transferable to all other areas of life, and qualified learners’ sense of self value and worth is affirmed. They are empowered in the process through the opportunity to become experts. Qualified learners are also often self-employed.

Because qualifying learners will have exposure to all elements of advertising, this qualification forms the basis for progression, and qualified learners are able to add value in the various specific areas or functions, cumulatively adding value to advertising end-products. Setting a minimum standard for the quality of a qualification will also enhance the quality of education and training by ensuring that providers deliver at least at the minimum standard.

This is an Online Course that will take a duration of 9 months to complete at R16 550.

If you want to register for this course, click here.

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