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Academy Training Group

The Academy Training Group (ATG) is a private training institution that was established in 1997. ATG has been providing a reliable service in the education and training industry. The academy is registered with the Department of Higher Education (DHET). ATG’s main purpose is to provide a comprehensive training service by providing training and knowledge at a professional level. All lecturers at the academy are fully equipped and qualified with the relevant qualifications. 

All training courses are designed to deliver maximum benefits in a specific area of today's ever-changing working environments. The academy not only offers school-leavers and students with the necessary skills they need but they also provide on-site developmental programmes and short courses to business leaders. 

ATG has received national and international accreditation from the following institutions:

  2. Fasset SETA
  3. IEB
  4. Institute for certified bookkeepers (ICB)
  5. Mict SETA
  6. Provider for national skills fund
  7. Services SETA


What can you expect from the short courses provided at ATG?

ATG offers a variety of training courses to students and business professionals. These courses are led by experts that are knowledgeable, have hands-on commercial experience and excellent communication skills. All short courses are held on-site which means that ATG will travel to your business saving you the time and money. ATG provides you with flexibility and is available to  various size companies. You will have the opportunity to choose from one-on-one coaching, small group sessions or medium-sized sessions for groups or departments. The duration for each course will be adapted to meet your business objective and the necessary requirements will be discussed with you by a training consultant. 

Learnerships provided by ATG:

All learnerships are structured programmes that combine theory and practical skills gained in a working environment. When learners are accepted to complete a learnership, they are studying towards obtaining a qualification which is registered with the National Qualifications Framework. Upon completing the learnership, a mutual agreement is made by the learner, employer and accredited training provider for the duration of the learnership programme. 

Training includes but are not limited to the following courses:

  • Information and communication technology
  • Office administration
  • Business management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial accounting
  • Public sector accounting
  • Foundational learning competencies
  • Education and training
  • Administration
  • Management
  • Business ventures


If this appeals to you, you can now register yourself for 2021 and claim 2020 prices and receive up to 50% discount on all courses for a limited time only.  To enquire more information, you can visit their website www.academytraining.co.za or call 079 857 2145.

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