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Would you like a career in nursing? If you would like to study to be a nurse you should apply now for the Bachelor of Nursing degree at UFS.  You can apply online now.  Full details included in this article.

The University of the Free State’s (UFS) School of Nursing remains at the forefront of nursing education with their innovative simulation, teaching, and learning facilities.The school also houses the Academy for Continuing Nursing Education which presents Short Learning Programmes. 

Creating an effective learning environment is not an easy task in today’s world and it is even more complex in education programs for the nursing profession. Lecturers from the School of Nursing use, amongst others, the following innovative teaching strategies:

Video-recordings that were taken of several clinical procedures and placed on Blackboard for students. Thereby they could repeatedly evaluate the psycho-motor skills relevant to specific procedures.

Multiple role players (e.g. Life Rosepark Hospital, Free State Provincial Emergency Medical Services, Central University of Technology, Mangaung Fire Department, Netcare 911, South African Police Services, St Johns Ambulance Services and ER24) participated in the Trauma Simulation that was arranged for 77 third year students. This annual event gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their clinical and triage competency in emergency care.

High-Fidelity simulation sessions were arranged for the entire group of advanced midwifery students. This was a unique dual approach where some students were exposed to obstetric emergencies via a medium fidelity birth device operated by a standardized patient, while the second was a high-fidelity simulation.

The post basic students in Child Health Nursing had the opportunity to participate in 10 high-fidelity sessions.

Four standardized patient training sessions were conducted with fourth year students in Psychiatric Nursing. The students enjoyed it immensely and found it very useful.

Effective learning is more than merely the results of good teaching. It is enhanced by a learning environment that includes active interventions among lectures, students and student peers. Effective learning is achieved through the use of creative strategies designed not to entertain, but to inform and stimulate.

Apply Now for Bachelor of Nursing

You can now apply for Bachelor of Nursing online (No hardcopy applications will be accepted)

Applications for the Bachelor of Nursing degree must apply online. Nor hardcopy applications will be accepted.

NSFAS funding will pay for the Bachelor of Nursing degree at UFS.


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