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Volkswagen Youth Employment Service 2020

Volkswagen Youth Employment Service

The Volkswagen Youth Employment Service provided work for 560 unemployed youth last year and now it is open for 2020


As part of the public-private initiative lead by the Presidency to address the perpetual youth unemployment crisis in the country, Volkswagen Group South Africa has partnered with the Youth Employment Service (YES) Foundation and other organization to create employment opportunities for unemployed youth.

In 2019 VWSA provided work opportunities for 560 unemployed youth who were places through the following channels.

  • 70 internally (Uitenhage, NSO and at the Distribution Centre in Centurion)
  • 236 within the VWSA Dealer Network across different regions
  • 254 with SME host partner across the country

VWSA will continue with the YES Programme in 2020, and invited applications for consideration by qualifying youth.


Opportunity Closing Date: 
Tuesday, March 31, 2020
Opportunities Offered By : 




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