Shift Tomorrow Learnerships

Help young South Africans reach their full potential. Shift Tomorrow is a bi-annual campaign where The Knowledge Trust proactively supports young South Africans in advancing their career.

In our fifth edition, we will provide free access to online courses, assessments, interview tips, mock interviews and more to help our members access Learnerships. These are structured learning and earning programmes designed to bridge the skills and income.

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For young people

Young people will be invited to created their Learnership profiles via WhatsApp. Once the profiles have been completed, you’ll be invited to partake in 4 quick assessments – also via WhatsApp. Complete all the assessments and you’ll get access to the free and zero-rated Learnership Work Readiness Programme developed by TSIBA.

On WhatsApp

Through WhatsApp, young people will be able to build a professional online profile and verify their skills in four quick assessments.Once all the assessments are complete, they’ll get access to a free and zero-rated Learnership Work Readiness Programme developed by TSIBA Ignition Academy.

TSIBA Work readiness

In partnership with TSIBA Ignition Academy, members will get access to a free, zero-rated and fully online Learnership work readiness programme. The content is specifically designed to give young people the best possible chance at getting and thriving in a Learnership.

For employers

Companies who run learnerships simultaneously tackle our education and unemployment crises whilst building a strong pipeline of great young talent for their organisation.These programmes can also be funded by SETA and contribute to the development of your BBBEE scorecard.

For training providers

What-you-put-in is what-you-get-out: The quality of the learners that are recruited into a Learnership are predictors of the success of the programme as a whole. Our process ensures that 10s of 1000s of young South Africans are assessed, trained and then reassessed before inviting them to apply for Learnerships through The Knowledge Trust platform.



Simply click on this link to find out more about this learnership opportunity and to pre-register.

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Other Opportunities

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