Surprise: Get Paid To Study Marketing

You thought bursary applications were closed? Surprise!

Red & Yellow Creative School of Business has R2 million in marketing bursaries available and you'll get paid a R6500 monthly living allowance for the duration.

Applications are open for 1 week only! 



Imagine finishing your matric in 2020. The worst year in the history of our generation, and it’s about to get worse.

…. Applications for 2021 bursaries all close before your Matric marks come out. You are excluded from 2021.

Then, members of The Knowledge Trust make their voice heard. They launch the #FundaFree campaign on Twitter and Facebook as a call to education institutions and corporates to keep their funding doors open for 1 WEEK ONLY.

To kickstart the campaign, the Red & Yellow Creative School of Business is making up to R2 million in bursaries available to young people.


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Other Opportunities

The bursaries, which are each valid for a year but can be renewed, are open to South African students across the country with a written acceptance letter from a university to study engineering, supply chain and logistics, IT or finance. Students at technical vocational education and training (TVET) colleges can also apply for bursaries to study a range of disciplines. Successful students will receive financial support from Gibela for both their tuition and accommodation.

Scholarships awarded by the South African Association of Botanists for 2021

Each year the South African Association of Botanists awards SAAB Scholarships, to SADEC graduates with 70% or above grade average.

The South African Association of Botanists awards “SAAB Scholarships” to students each year.

The South African Association of Botanists (SAAB) was founded in order to promote and maintain the status of the Botany profession across all sectors and to perform functions which may attain the objectives of the profession.

Do you have a Diploma or Degree in MARKETING, FINANCE, HR, IT , DIGITAL MARKETING?

and are struggling to get work? Perhaps an internship can be that foot in the door for your career.

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